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Christopher John Lewis - Last Words


Christopher John Lewis was found electrocuted to death while awaiting trial. The question is: was he guilty or was he framed? This is his amazing story.

"While awaiting trial on murder and kidnapping charges, one of New Zealand's most notorious criminals made a phone call to New Zealand's hardest-hitting publishing company.
Christopher John Lewis and his lawyer told Howling At The Moon Productions he had a story to tell, a story we wouldn't believe, but a story that was true.
He told us he had written a manuscript confessing to every crime he'd ever committed, but he insisted he'd been framed for the murder of Auckland mother Tania Furlan, by a police force desperate to hang the crime on someone and a convicted felon who he claimed had set him up.
We told Christopher John Lewis that we couldn't publish his story while it was still before the courts. Three days later he was dead by his own hand, in a prison cell electric chair of his own making.
The authorities would have you believe Lewis was madman and a killer, but this book may shock you, and shake your faith in the New Zealand Police.
Last Words by Christopher John Lewis is a gripping an superb read. Maybe Chris Lewis was guilty but, then again maybe he wasn't."

Trade size paperback in used condition

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