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Alone In The Sky - Jean Batten


Hardback in good condition.
Jean Batten is one of the great names in aviation history. She was born in New Zealand in 1909, a few weeks after Louis Bleriot flew the English Channel, and qualified for a flying licence at the London Aero Club in 1930. "Alone in the Sky" tells the story of Jean Batten's early life and of all her famous flights. The vivid descriptions of these flights, made nearly 50 years ago, highlight the hardships and dangers faced by the early aviators. Quite alone she flew immense distances in record times and in the most basic of aeroplanes. Not only did her flights create time records, but they blazed the trail for the modern airline routes. The book is based on her earlier work "My Life" 1938, but it has been thoroughly revised and lengthened by the author without losing its period feel. Now, to a new generation of readers, used to sophisticated jet travel, her achievements will seem incredible. This is a gripping story of skill and courage written by one of the last great pioneer flyers.

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